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        下面Meeloun小编为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Prevention and control of air pollution in Britain,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英国大气污染的防治。1952年发生的伦敦烟雾事件,是英国20世纪十大环境公害事件之一。自此之后,英国政府通过完善相关法制、强化公众参与、重视经济手段构建出一个具有鲜明特色的英国大气污染防治模式,有效地改善了环境空气质量。英国大气环境相关法律不仅体系完备,且范围广泛,涵盖了大气污染和尾气排放的方方面面。

        The 1952 London smog incident was one of the top 10 environmental hazards of the 20th century. Since then, the British government has effectively improved the environmental air quality by improving relevant legal system, strengthening public participation and emphasizing economic means to construct a distinctive British air pollution prevention model.

        Britain is the first industrialized country in the world and also the first country to encounter environmental pollution incidents. In the 1950s, due to industrial production and residents living in London burning a large amount of coal and excessive emission of soot, the “London smog event” shocked the world, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths due to respiratory diseases, making this event one of the top 10 environmental pollution events in the 20th century. Since then, the British government from these mistakes and by taking effective measures to control the coal combustion, reducing emissions, now the air pollution has been brought under effective control, environment quality has been fundamental to improve, but also accumulated a lot of experience of the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, these experiences and lessons for guangdong governance haze weather brings a lot of enlightenment and reference.

        After the London smog incident, the British government attached great importance to legislation to solve the problem of air pollution. Similar to China, the UK also adopted “terminal treatment” to deal with air pollution in the early stage. The city of London act was introduced in 1954 to control smog emissions. In 1956, the Clean Air Act, the world’s first air pollution prevention and control act, was enacted, spreading the London governance model to the whole country. The law on industrial environmental health and safety stipulates that all polluting enterprises must take effective measures to prevent poisonous gases from being discharged into the atmosphere, or be severely punished. The air pollution control act provides for the right of the public to complain about environmental quality and limits on sulphur content in industrial fuels. These measures have effectively reduced soot and sulfur dioxide pollution from coal burning. In the 1970s, traffic pollution replaced industrial pollution as the primary threat to London’s air quality. Therefore, the government introduced a series of measures, including prioritizing the development of public transport, curbing the number of private cars and reducing vehicle exhaust emissions, to seek to improve the city’s air quality. In the 1990 s, the British began to seek to improve air environmental quality comprehensive measures, introduced the road vehicle lass, the Clean Air Act, the environmental law, the greater London government act, the pollution prevention and control act, and the climate change act, and a series of air pollution prevention and control act, to strict constraints of other emissions, setting clear penalties, to control the air pollution. At the same time, according to the environmental law issued in 1995, the UK began to formulate a national air quality strategy, stipulating that all cities should carry out air quality evaluation and review. For areas that fail to meet the standard, the government must set aside an air quality management area and force them to meet the standard within a specified period. Britain then suggested action plan for energy efficiency: the government, “the climate change action plan”, “the sustainable development strategy”, “low carbon building plan”, “tax and subsidy scheme”, “the British energy efficiency action plan 2007”, the national renewable energy plan, and the low carbon transition plan and a series of plans and policy, actively improve the air environmental quality.

        The UK’s air environment laws are comprehensive and wide-ranging, covering all aspects of air pollution and emissions. It can be said that the process of air pollution control in the UK is a process of constant revision and improvement of relevant laws and regulations.

        British citizens have a deep tradition of autonomy and strong social roots in the discussion, decision-making, supervision and implementation of environmental issues. The UK pays attention to protecting the public’s right to know about the environment through legislation, and is the first country to inform the public of the real-time information of air governance. The official network publishes real-time air quality data for the London area, as well as hourly concentrations and weekly trends for individual pollutants. Nor is there an official monopoly on the way British citizens receive information about the air. Citizens can request data directly from government environmental agencies under the freedom of information act and should not be denied access. The government’s UK air quality archive website and the London air quality network, a collaboration between civil society organisations and the king’s college London environmental group, publish real-time air quality data for the London area. The government will never dare to accuse non-governmental monitoring organizations of being “illegal”, “illegal” or “unscientific”.

        The UK not only attaches importance to achieving the goal of environmental governance through mandatory laws, but also attaches importance to promoting voluntary emission reduction by enterprises through economic means. Economic means to emphasize “who pollution, who management, who spend money”, besides can increase government financial income and economic measures compared to the traditional administrative commands have continuous stimulation effect, through the internalization of environment cost, encourage people to adopt a more effective way to reduce environmental pollution, reduce pollutant amount, gradually formed voluntary governance reducing the pollution of the environment. Since the 1970s, the British government began to reduce the cost of environmental governance and improve the efficiency of environmental governance by levying environmental taxes, trading emission rights and introducing preferential tax policies. As a means of economic intervention, fiscal and taxation measures have obvious effects on improving the environmental quality of Britain.

        Science and technology have played a key guiding role in Britain’s fight against air pollution. The British government encourages enterprises to adopt the air pollution control technology to reform the production process, giving priority to the non-pollution or less pollution process, which is the fundamental way to prevent and control the air pollution. At the government level, the government actively organizes, guides and enterprises to adopt advanced production techniques. Through economic means to promote the voluntary adoption of advanced technology emission reduction enterprises to achieve internalization of environmental costs; By means of public participation and social incentives, enterprises are forced to eliminate outdated technologies and actively adopt better emission reduction technologies.

澳洲essay代写范文:Australian student self assessment

        澳洲essay代写范文:“Australian student self assessment”,这篇自我评估论文主要描述的是writer在阅读了美国作家杜鲁门卡波特的作品《冷血》后,认为这部文学作品在心理学领域有着非常重要的作用,而这篇论文则是以此作为分析的主题,Meeloun小编觉得的论文写的非常不错,能够善于利用自身的资源来进行创作,并且采用了许多的论据作为支持,证明作者所强调的观点的正确性。


        For this self-assessment, I looked at an analytical piece I wrote for psychology class last year. It was a report on Truman Capote’s book, In Cold Blood. The assignment was to read a piece of writing related to psychology and write about its importance in the field. My thesis was that the court condemned the wrong man to the death sentence by not evaluating the psychological analysis of Perry Smith (who I believe had paranoid schizophrenia, and was not in control of his own actions and should not have been prosecuted for decisions which were not his own).
        Strengths: I think my thesis was okay and I was pretty good at using my resources. I had a lot of quotes which did most of my work for me in proving my point. I had some solid arguments and some not so solid ones. I probably could have expanded the good ones and gotten rid of the not so good ones.

        Weaknesses: I definitely could have spruced up my analysis of my quotes and arguments. I tend have a hard time digging deeper into the text; I was more intent on proving the judgment of the jury through the quotes than analyzing them. I was a little rushed in the conclusion. I merely restated my thesis. I really should have gone a step further. It didn’t add to the paper.

        Through this portfolio and the WR100 class, I wish to learn how to craft better arguments (more punchy intros?), improve my analysis, and most of all, write more efficiently (time-wise and word-wise. I often find that my essays have a lot of words strung together that mean nothing at all). I also think I need to work on my conclusions. I need to work on taking my thesis one step further.

        Using Symbolism to Overcome the UnknownMetaphors are used every day to explain in known terms what is not understood. Illnesses are no exception, especially those that have eluded our knowledge of cures. In the age of scientific breakthroughs and belief that all can be cured and understood through science, cultural and symbolic healing are often discounted as fiction and subjected to criticism. Susan Sontag in her essay, “Illness as Metaphor”, expresses this perspective that healing should be exclusively physical, and that diseases should be viewed from a purely scientific standpoint.

        Metaphoric representations of disease form stigmas and stereotypes against the disease and its patients. She claims that these associations are deleterious to the patient because they keep the patient from understanding the true conditions of his illness. However, I believe that in the right context, metaphoric thinking may actually help the patient. Disease instills in us, a fear— a fear of losing control, a fear of mortality, a fear of the unknown—that we can overcome through symbols and metaphors. Symbols allow us to seek our own understanding of a disease, and separate from the lifeless definitions set in textbooks. They help us to connect back with our life, and regain some control from the illness threatening our vitality.


        The United States is a well-deserved economic and human resources competitive power. So how did the United States do that? The following is the interpretation of human resources policy, education policy, employment policy and other aspects for reference.

        In contemporary American society, American human resource policy is becoming more and more important, especially in the area of higher education. From former President Clinton to current President Obama, they have been advocating that human resources are the driving force and source of national development, constantly guide policies and promulgate a series of policies and regulations.

        The United States has become the first-class power economic strength and scientific technology, is one of the important reasons for the introduction of the rest of the world in the form of globalization of excellent human resources, especially higher education, but also in a variety of favorable conditions, to attract and the introduction of talent, “one of the biggest characteristic of American higher education is found to”. Immigrants, especially skilled immigrants, play an important role in ensuring the moderate growth of the American labor force, especially the accumulation of excellent talents.

        Since 2007, the bush administration has introduced several major reform measures. In addition to continuing the NCLB act, the national security language program and the enhanced American competitiveness program were established. For the first time in American history, the future higher education committee has proposed a national higher education reform policy. Brief introduction:

        Fiscal year 2007 is the sixth year of implementation of NCLB, and the department of education has budgeted $24.4 billion to implement the bill. The U.S. department of education estimates the effects of implementing the bill “are working,” with reading and math tests in elementary and middle school students showing significant improvement.

        The U.S. state department and the department of education jointly hold the first national summit of university presidents to strengthen the international education on Jan. 5, solstice6. President bush spoke at the event, announcing the national security language program and calling for faster training of foreign language talent in the United States. “Key languages” believed to affect U.S. national security include Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and farsi. The plan calls for strengthening the us language from kindergarten to university level education. The project had a budget of $35 million for 2007.

        In his annual state of the union address on January 31, President bush proposed the “enhanced American competitiveness plan,” which would require schoolchildren to learn more and more difficult math and science courses. The department of education budgeted $380 million for this program in fiscal 2007.

        In the United States, the government does not directly intervene and restrict the self-employment of graduates. Instead, the labor department, schools, intermediaries and employers cooperate. Most college students have a clear understanding of their abilities and interests before graduation, and they will have a comprehensive understanding of the employment market and the information of employers from various channels to improve the “hit rate”.

        The ministry of labor is mainly responsible for the formulation of macro policies and do a good job in employment surveys and other basic work, is the graduates of employment “director.” The department of labor has the bureau of labor statistics, whose main function is to collect data on the occupational demand status of the U.S. job market at different times and the requirements of different occupations on knowledge and skills, with a focus on predicting the impact of economic development on future employment demand. The statistical results are published to the whole society through Internet and publication, which serves as a reference for government decision-making and individual career choice. The job requirements manual, compiled by the bureau of labor statistics based on these data, is popular with American college students, almost all of them.

        Career guidance focuses on the implementation of the four-year career planning program: in the first year of student enrollment, the center began to conduct career education to help students contact and understand the employment situation;

        The second year should help students discover and understand their own personality, interests and expertise, and then help students choose majors. In the third year, I helped students to understand employer information and market demand, participated in social practice and some job fairs, and let students directly feel the job market. In the fourth year, I assisted students in writing application letters and taught them specialized skills such as application essentials and interview skills. This kind of employment guidance runs through the whole college life of students, and is very helpful to the formation of students’ employment outlook, enhance their ability to choose jobs and job-hunting skills.

        In conclusion, the successful implementation of the above policies has laid a solid foundation for the improvement of human resource competitiveness and the maintenance of it at the world-class level.



对于留学生而言essay写作并非一件轻松的事。写Essay除了要有英语的词汇和文学功底之外,还需要一定的技巧。留学生essay写作时需要注意以下几个问题:essay的结构有哪些? essay语言和语法常识你了解了吗?这篇essay要写什么内容? Introduction、Main Body、Conclusion、Reference这些部分该注意些什么?下面就来介绍下essay写作的核心技巧.

1.Essay结构:一般由Introduction、Main Body、Conclusion、Reference四部分组成。

2.Essay语言:Essay是理论性较强的论文,一般情况下,一定要用第3人称,不能出现“I”,“we” “our”, “you”, “your”这些第一、二人称字样,注意语言措辞,多用些副词。为了避免使用第 一人称,某些地方可以用被动语态或其他句型代替。

3.Essay内容:由于Essay理论性较强,请用相关例子来支撑论点,例子,就是多分析具体例子,先举一个小例子,然后再举一个比它重要的大例子,然后在他后面,还有一个更大的例子,例子是内容的最好论证方法;在叙述完了理论之后,请一定要对理论进行评论,体现作者的Critical Thinking;请多用的数据和图表,使用数据图表时请附上Reference表明出处。


1) Inbtroduction:Introduction 包括Topic的背景介绍和文章要解决的主要问题。一般占总字数的10%左右。

2) Main Body:这是论文主体部分,占总字数80%左右。如果题目中作了具体要求,就根据题目提到的几个方面来逐一讨论就可以了。有的题目没有作具体要求,就根据自己的构思来写。但必须有逻辑性。

3) Conclusion:字数大概也是占10%,在这一段里把文章中的主要观点用一到两句话概括出来。

4) Reference: Reference 是导师最看重的,所以请一定特别注意!绝不能出现编造、抄袭的情况,一定要真实。国外对这个问题查得很严。一旦查出有作假或抄袭情况,会直接挂科,甚至开除学籍。一般来说,Reference包含两个部分,一种是in-text reference 也就是在文章里的reference,一种是在文章最后出现的reference, 也就是reference list。







1.0 Introduction (分两部分)  Allainz the biggest insurance wants to further expand its business, globally. Among all the countries India and China are two most attractive markets. Before deciding which market to involve in, a detailed market research is indispensable. This essay just gives a comprehensive study over the two markets. (第一个部分介绍essay的主要内容)

Firstly, this essay will make a general overview of the insurance industry globally, and the second part is the information of the Allianz Group. Subsequently it will make some market analysis of Chinese insurance market. The analysis of Indian insurance market lies in the fourth part of the easy. Finally it will put forward some recommendation for the marketing selection and entering strategy for the Allianz group. (Introduction第二部分介绍这篇文章的结构,按照firstly, secondly,…finally的固定形式介绍文章结构,你只需列入body里面介绍的每一点)

(Introduction之后是main body,把文章分成几个小点讨论,每一点写个小标题,加粗)

2.0 The general overview of the insurance industry globally  

The insurance industry is the industry dealing in risk and larger sum of money is indispensable for the business of this line. Insurers promise to compensate individuals and businesses for future losses, in exchange for a premium, thus taking on the risk of personal injury, death, and damage to property, unexpected financial disaster and just about any other misfortune. Insurance companies also purchase their own type of insurance, called reinsurance, which allows them to insure large risks and to spread the risk on smaller accounts. Insurance companies rely on investment income to make a profit, since premium alone is typically not adequate to pay claims. 

In the past 10 years, the world actual GDP increased by 2.9%, averagely, keeping astable increase. The GDP increased 3.4% and reached 44.4453 trillion dollars in 2005, globally. Simultaneously, the insurance industry developed rapidly and played a more and more important role in the world economy activities. The total revenue of insurance industry was only 1.406 trillion dollars, but it increased to 3.426 trillion dollars, with the annual increase rate of 5.72%.