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        之前有读者反馈,说下面给的部分essay例句,怎么看起来比平时接触的难一些,有点 hold 不住。这是因为,这些例句不完全来自于范文,有些是来自阅读中的,难度的确有些大。




        burden/ load/ stress/ force/ weight/ strain


        pressure sb. into sth./ into doing sth.

        Doctors are being pressured by the insurance companies.

        pressurize sb. into sth./ into doing sth.

        He felt that he was being pressurized to resign.

        压力前面 + 修饰词

        considerable/ constant/ intolerable/ undue/ unrelenting/ irrevocable/ tremendous/ intense/ mounting


        bring pressure to bear on sb.

        put pressure on sb to do sth

        burden sb with sth

        be burdened by

        impose a burden on

        put a strain on

        be overloaded with

        压力山大: under great pressure/ strain

        顶住压力: withstand/ resist pressure/

        应对压力: cope with stress

        面对压力: face/ encounter pressure

        缓解压力: ease/ release/ relieve/ reduce pressure

        摆脱压力: escape the pressure/ get away from pressure

        屈服于压力: yield to/ bow to/ give in to pressure


        be troubled with

        be plagued with

        be annoyed by

        be irritated by

        struggle with


        Children put pressure on parents to buy them things.

        The increasing world population is putting pressure on natural resources.

        As populations grow, there is more pressure on water supplies.

        Stress can be reduced by taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.

        Too much work can result in stress and poor health.


        Journalists may not be pressured or penalized, directly or indirectly, in order to reveal their sources of information.

        The rapid emergence of online information services accelerates the production cycle: today, journalists are continuously overloaded with real-time information, and they have a readership that has greater access to information sources.

        Depletion of natural resources and global population increases are already beginning to put a strain on food production systems, and urban poverty means some citizens cannot afford a nutritionally balance diet.

        The problem of poverty among women does not only lead to a host of social problems and impose a burden on society, it is also a wastage of social capital.

        When young people find no way to further their studies and encounter difficulties in finding employment, the pressure they face will become a source of social unrest, which is a deep-rooted conflict in educational policy.

        其实,上面的很多搭配,还是会用到那个最常见、最老套的 pressure。从写一篇文章的角度来说,我们不会用到那么多次的压力,只要保证意思精准,用对 collocation 搭配,比把某个词本身替换掉更加重要。

        所以,不要忘记在自己手机或者电脑上下载一个 collocation 的词典。有了靠谱词典,任何的小不确性,都会变得确幸。当然,进步需要正确的方法 + 时间的累积。我们不只在成功的终点见面,而是,在成功的路上相随。需要essay代写的同学可以联系我们的客服哦!