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Common App中的Personal Essay怎么写


        通用申请(Common Application),简称Common App,一个用于申请美国517所高等院校(包括47个州和华盛顿特区)、奥地利、法国、德国、意大利、瑞士、英国等海外国家以及中国大陆部分中外合作高校的应用网站。

        除了客观的分数和学校排名因素以外,它还有其他主观因素被纳入考量,例如文书(personal essay),推荐信(recommendation),课外活动(extracurriculiar activities),等等。其中personal essay是至关重要的一环。

        本期Meeloun便与大家分享七个essay prompts中的第一个


        Some students have a background,identity,interest,or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it.



        Sample Essay


        I wasn’t unfamiliar with the word.It was something I remembered hearing since I was able to grasp the fine art of polysyllabic language.Of course,in my experience,it had always been subtly laced with negativity.They told me that it wasn’t something I was supposed to be.They told me to socialize more—okay,maybe they had a point there—but to open up to strangers I didn’t know from Adam?Apparently,yes,that was exactly what I was to do.I had to’put myself out there,’or something.They told me I couldn’t be a wallflower.Wallflower was unnatural.Wallflower was wrong.So my impressionable younger self tried her best not to see the inherent beauty in the word.I wasn’t supposed to see it;no one else did.I was terrified to recognize its rightness.And that was where Charlie came in.

        The Writing:从复杂短语“the fine art of polysyllabic language“到“I understood him.I was him.He was me”三个主谓宾的简单串联,可以一窥作者对英语的掌控力。

        Before I get any further,I feel obligated to mention that Charlie is not real.I question whether that makes a difference—it shouldn’t,really.Fictional,factual,or seven-dimensional,his influence in my life is indisputable.But,to give credit where credit is overwhelmingly due,he comes from the brilliant mind of Stephen Chbosky,from the universe of his novel,The Perks of Being a Wallflower.In a series of anonymous letters to an unknown friend,Charlie tells his story of life,love,and high school:of skirting the fringes of life and of learning to make the leap.And from the first sentences,I was drawn to Charlie.I understood him.I was him.He was me.I felt acutely his fears of entering high school,his just-barely-perceptible separation from the rest of the student body,because these fears were mine as well

        The Tone:虽然作者自称“壁花少女”,但通读全文,明显感到这篇文章出自一个正能量的“元气少女”。文章主题严肃,但字体行间却透着诙谐与幽默,作者完美地平衡了戏谑与说理。若要说不足,便是语言有时过于抽象。比如,“beauty”一词多次出现,但并没有被清楚地定义。

        What I didn’t have,the singular distinction between this character and myself,was his vision.Even from the very beginning,Charlie’s innocence and naivetégave him an unparalleled ability to see beauty in everything and to acknowledge it without hesitation exactly as I’d longed to allow myself to do.I had been scared to be the only one to value being a wallflower.But with Charlie came the promise that I wasn’t alone.

        When I saw that he could see what I wanted to see,I suddenly found that I could see it,too.He showed me that the true beauty in being a wallflower was the ability to acknowledge freely that beauty,to embrace it for everything it was while still managing to’put myself out there’on a level I hadn’t thought myself capable.Charlie taught me not conformity,but the honest,open expression of myself,free from the vise-like fear of being judged by my peers.He told me that sometimes,they were wrong.Sometimes,it was okay to be a wallflower.Wallflower was beautiful.Wallflower was right.

        And for that,Charlie,I am forever in your debt.

        The Topic:光是瞄一眼题目就足以让读者对文章期待满满。老实说,选择一个不走寻常路的题目是冒险且需要勇气的,尤其是在众多申请者绞尽脑汁编出一些“丰碑性”的事件的大背景下,本文的题目及立意尤为讨喜。