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International Relations作业代写分享十个单复数一致性原则

        很多留学生表示自己的文章里总是有语法错误,meeloun小编在这里告诉同学们,语法的范围实在太广泛,太系统,要说两三个知识点也说不通透。这里meeloun小编还是给同学们分享十个主语、谓语单复数一致性原则,希望同学们在后面的写作中能够用的上。快来和International Relations作业代写一起来围观!

        1. 带of的英语短语,尤其要小心单复数
        A bouquet of yellow roses lend color and fragrance to the room.
        bouquet是束的意思,a bouquet of roses之后紧跟的动词,应该是和bouquet保持一致性,而非roses。
        A bouquet of yellow roses lends color and fragrance to the room.
        2. Neither..nor / either…or / or,连接两个单数名词,紧跟的动词保持单数形式
        My aunt or my uncle is arriving by train today.
        Neither Juan nor Carmen is available.
        Either Kiana or Casey is helping today with stage decorations.
        3. Neither..nor / either…or /,同时连接单数和复数名词,动词跟着最近的名词走
        Neither the plates nor the serving bowl goes on that shelf.
        Neither the serving bowl nor the plates go on that shelf.
        4. and前后,连接了2个可数名词单词形式,后面的动词请用复数形式
        A car and a bike are my means of transportation.
        5. along with / as well as / besides / not /连接名词时,请将它们忽略
        The politician, along with the newsmen, is expected shortly.
        Excitement, as well as nervousness, is the cause of her shaking.
        6. there / here 之后的动词单数/复数,需和动词之后的名词保持一致性
        There are four hurdles to jump.
        There is a high hurdle to jump.
        Here are the keys.
        7. distances, periods of time, sums of money等同于一个可数名词
        Three miles is too far to walk.
        Five years is the maximum sentence for that offense.
        Ten dollars is a high price to pay.
        Ten dollars were scattered on the floor. (请思考为什么)
        8. majority of / some of / all of 之后的名词单复数,决定动词的单复数
        A lot of the pies have disappeared.
        A third of the city is unemployed.
        A third of the people are unemployed.
        All of the pie is gone.
        9. group/family/jury/audience/population 等之后的动词单复数,需和单词实际语义保持一致性
        All of my family has/have arrived.
        Most of the jury is/are here.
        A third of the population was/were not in favor of the bill.
        10. 虚拟语气中,用were替代was,表示一种愿望或与事实相反。
        If Joe were here, you would be sorry.
        I wish it were Friday.
        She requested that he raise his hand.

        Meeloun小编相信,以上十点,在任何一本语法书里,你都能找到它们。在这十个主语和谓语的一致性中,经常性会被用在自己的essay里(虚拟语气除外)。当你忙着分析图表的逻辑主线时,匆忙之间难免犯错。以上这十条原则,希望你可以牢牢记住。需要International Relations作业代写的同学可以联系我们的客服哦!