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Expository essay范文就该这么写

        看多了关于相关的essay写作方法,今天meeloun小编以范文的形式阐述手机目前存在的威胁。这些威胁包括对你的个人数据及钱财,而这些资料都涵括在你的手机等设备里。内容主要阐释这些威胁并就如何防止个人数据被盗及如何避免钱财损失方面给予建议。下面就是expository essay范文,本文以解读expository essay范文的方式让同学们更加了解相关的写作步骤。

expository essay范文

        In my expository essay I expose the threats that currently exist with regards to your mobile device. These threats are aimed to include threats to your personal data and how much money you have, and they all involve your mobile device and/or mobile phone. In my expository essay I expose these threats and give some advice on how to avoid having your data stolen and how to avoid losing your money
        “应用程序内部订阅”对你的钱财构成威胁—“In-App” purchases are a threat to your money
        Some apps and games allow you the ability to buy within the application itself. They are called credits or points and are known as “in-app” purchases. They are done without going through the traditional ordering process. There is a risk of spending money without being fully aware of how much. Children often make purchases when they are playing with their Smartphone. You may lose more money than you expect if you make in-app purchases. Disable “in-app” purchases on your phone. Turn on the auto-purchase function only for apps you know you are not going to overspend on.
        只在官方程序市场购买应用—Only buy apps from official app stores
        Only buy and install apps that come from official app stores. These are apps that are checked prior to being loaded. Plus, if customers complain the apps are removed from the App Store.
        Malware and viruses may take your money and steal your personal information. Buy from app stores where only safe apps are provided. If you buy from third-party websites, then there is a chance the apps are infected with malware or viruses. These programs may infect mobile phone and steal their data. They communicate silently and without your authority or and send chargeable SMS messages to premium rate numbers, which costs you money.
        留心免费应用—Watch out for free apps.
        Be especially careful with free apps and associated advertising links. Many free apps are financed by advertisements. They often have ways of extracting your information and many times make it easy for you to place an order or offer information without being fully aware of it.
        In addition to the reputable advertising offers, there may also be cases in which hidden orders are written via adverts you click. There may be plenty of legitimate adverts, but it is the dangerous and illegal adverts you have to watch out for. Before you buy your apps, ask yourself if you really need it or really want to try it. Read reviews of the apps you want before you buy them and do not install Apps that are poorly rated, even if they are featured on a well-known app marketplace.
        个人信息无意间被传送—Unnoticed transfer of personal data
        Studies show that many apps transmit sensitive data about users. For example, an app may transmit your location data, your social media profiles and even your bank details. The sad part is that many of the apps will get you to agree to this first without you knowing, which is why they are so dangerous with regards to your personal details and your money.
        关闭自动更新—Turn off Automatic Updates.
        If you use a data plan with limited data volume, be aware that apps consume your Internet data. You can turn the“Automatic Updates”off and only allow updates when you have enough data or when you use a Smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection.
        I have found that there are a lot of threats to mobile phones (cell phones), there are lots of threats to the amount of money you have and to the safety of your money and your personal data. In my essay I feel I fully exposed the biggest threats and feel that I gave very effective advice so that people may avoid over spending, avoid viruses, malware and avoid having their money and personal data/details stolen.

        Meeloun小编以这样的方式解读expository essay范文会不会对同学们有所帮助呢?写一篇expository essay并不难,难的是把它写好,这需要同学们平时的练习,相信同学们以后都能写出优秀的expository essay范文!美伦现旗下写手超过400名,海龟硕博占据50%以上,更多写手资源正在火热招募中。美伦以质量为根本,诚信服务,严格执行双重审稿与检测,保证每一篇稿子都是精心原创并符合学科的需求,保障了留学生论文作业的通过率。