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essay plan模板|essay plan写作讲解

留学生在国外写作essay plan的时候是不是感觉格式很麻烦?第一次写作的时候这种情况更严重很多同学就想到了模板参考着写作,我们留学生essay代写网知道大家essay plan写作困难早就准备了essay plan模板给大家参考了,希望对大家有所帮助!

essay plan模板|essay plan写作讲解

Essay Question: Examine the reasons for the popularity of fast food restaurants in your country. Demonstrate the impact of this popularity on your country’s culture.

Essay Plan

Top Sentence: Culture changes as fast food comes into the china’s market.
Controlling idea: Fast food brings both benefits and disadvantages to China.
Map sentence: why we choose fast food, the development of fast food industry in China, how it influences our culture.

Paragraph one
Top sentence: Modern life has caused that customers choose fast food.
SS1: People don’t have time to cook.
SS2: Fast food restaurants have produced healthy food to attract more customers.
SS3: We can get what we want in fast food restaurants.

Paragraph two
Top sentence: Fast food restaurants develop their market in China.
SS1: The number of fast food restaurants increases a lot in China.
SS2: Fast food restaurants try many ways to attract customers.
SS3:The leaders try to open more restaurants in China.

Paragraph three
Top sentence: Fast food restaurants change our culture step by step.
SS1: People become more overweight than before.
SS2: More children’s health problems is serious.
SS3: The slow food industry was influenced.

Summary sentence: Fast food is changing our culture step by step.
Final Statement: We need to adapt fast food culture and also we need to develop our traditional food industry.