怎么才能Practice Makes Perfect的写作essay
        1.Don’t set fluency targets
        Never ever commit the mistake of setting a “number of words spoken per minute” kind of targets. They are destructive as they do not allow the mind to really work constructively without pressure.
        2.Be a natural
        Let things happen naturally. As you read more, and convert the read word into spoken word, your speed will gradually pick up. Do not be artificial.
        3.Read, read, read
        As you read more, your confidence about issues / topics / subjects will grow. You will start owning knowledge. You will develop an inner, natural strength. It is a matter of time that is starts showing on your face.
        4.Write at least 1 essay per day
        It is the ultimate test of what you are learning, and if you are learning something at all. Pick a plain paper, think of a topic, and write an essay (300 words max) on it. Do it every day. It will very productively force you to raise the level of the game.
        5.Be measured while you speak
        Do not try to outgun anyone in the group. Take a few seconds before you react (2 or 3 seconds, say). That will ensure that you do not over-react, instant-react, or wrong-react.
        6.Talk to yourself
        You will never be ashamed doing that. Keep doing it regularly. It will open up your tongue.
        7.Shout, at least once a day
        Go to the rooftop literally, and shout aloud. Do that for some minutes. Speak something sensible if you can. It will train the mind not to be scared of anything. Of course, if you do that elsewhere, people may beat you up :)
        8.Love yourself for what you are
        This is perhaps the most crucial step. If you hate yourself for not being a fluent English speaker (as per whatever random benchmark you’ve adopted), your sense of self-worth will be destroyed. Don’t let that happen to you.
        I have come across some really fast speakers who talk sense, and some who are idiots; some measured speakers who talk a lot of sense; and some slow speakers who are a pleasure to listen to.
        It all depends on your profession, your eye-contact and body language, and the choice of words + depth of knowledge.
        So relax, and start your personal journey of success! It will take time, so buckle up. Wish you great luck.




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        1.A writer named Wright was instructing his little son how to write Wright right. He said: “It is not right to write Wright as ‘rite’—try to write Wright aright!”
        2.Ann sent Andy ten hens and Andy sent Ann ten pens.
        3.Canners can can what they can can but can not can things can’t be canned.
        4.Good cookies could be cooked by a good cook if a good cook could cook good cookies.
        5.Jenny and Jimmy went to Jamaica and Germany in January, but Joan and John went to Jordan and Japan in June and July.
        6.A cricket critically cricked at a critical cricket match, and so this cricket quitted the cricket match quickly.
        7.Bill’s big brother is building a beautiful building between two big brick blocks.
        8.There are thirty thousand feathers on that thrush’s throat.
        9.A flea and a fly were trapped in a flue, and they tried to flee for their life. The flea said to the fly “let’s flee!” and the fly said to the flea, “Let’s fly!” Finally both the flea and fly managed to flee through a flaw in the flue.
        10.Peter Piper picked a peck of picket prepared by his parents and put them in a big paper plate.

        舌头打结了吗? 你挑战到第几关了?全通关的小伙伴,meeloun小编给你一个赞哦~美伦现旗下写手超过400名,海龟硕博占据50%以上,更多写手资源正在火热招募中。美伦以质量为根本,诚信服务,严格执行双重审稿与检测,保证每一篇稿子都是精心原创并符合学科的需求,保障了留学生论文作业的通过率。



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        of course
        Of course
        不好的原因:使用of course表达一种还用你说,早就知道,不适用于当别人对你表示关心的回答
        Why not
        – Wanna hang out tonight?
        – Sure.

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        I am full-figured. And when I dine in restaurants, I often find the chairs too small and uncomfortable.

        Toilet / WC
        Excuse me, where’s the restroom?
        Die / Death
        Passed away
        He’s terribly upset because his mother passed away last week.
        Fired / Unemployment
        Laid off
        I’m sorry you got laid off.

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        lastly/last but not least/finally
        in addition
        not only ..but also
        as well as
        for example
        one clear example is
        for instance
        such as
        to illustrate
        in other words
        as a result
        for this reason
        in particular
        of course
        even though
        in spite of
        on the other hand
        by contrast
        in comparison
        another option could be
        表示原因的连接词:当然是帮你表述原因的啦,尤其是遇到cause and solution型的essay时,会频繁地使用到它们
        owing to
        due to
        in my opinion
        i think
        i believe
        i admit
        in my view
        i concur/argue
        i disagree/i cannot accept
        in conclusion
        to conclude
        to sum up




        参考文献啊~~~历史发展啊~~~著名的研究学者~~~重要研究成果。告诉你一个reference大杀器google一下“cite it for me”.
        Paragraph 1 intro + thesis statement
        Paragraph 2 body paragraph
        opening sentences(你在这一段里要写什么):
        conclusion sentences(最后总结一下你这一段里写了什么):
        body paragraph 需要几个写几个
        后面citation那里用office word,上面有一个专门写reference的。只要在正文里写到引用的句子的时候插入,会弹出一个框框,按照格式填好神马author啊title啊page number啊,在essay最后就会自动生成reference list。就相当方便了(在中文叫“书目”)
        5、用比较长的句式 能用词组表达的东西坚决不要只用一个单词。
        background information先来一打…..




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International Relations作业代写分享十个单复数一致性原则

        很多留学生表示自己的文章里总是有语法错误,meeloun小编在这里告诉同学们,语法的范围实在太广泛,太系统,要说两三个知识点也说不通透。这里meeloun小编还是给同学们分享十个主语、谓语单复数一致性原则,希望同学们在后面的写作中能够用的上。快来和International Relations作业代写一起来围观!

        1. 带of的英语短语,尤其要小心单复数
        A bouquet of yellow roses lend color and fragrance to the room.
        bouquet是束的意思,a bouquet of roses之后紧跟的动词,应该是和bouquet保持一致性,而非roses。
        A bouquet of yellow roses lends color and fragrance to the room.
        2. Neither..nor / either…or / or,连接两个单数名词,紧跟的动词保持单数形式
        My aunt or my uncle is arriving by train today.
        Neither Juan nor Carmen is available.
        Either Kiana or Casey is helping today with stage decorations.
        3. Neither..nor / either…or /,同时连接单数和复数名词,动词跟着最近的名词走
        Neither the plates nor the serving bowl goes on that shelf.
        Neither the serving bowl nor the plates go on that shelf.
        4. and前后,连接了2个可数名词单词形式,后面的动词请用复数形式
        A car and a bike are my means of transportation.
        5. along with / as well as / besides / not /连接名词时,请将它们忽略
        The politician, along with the newsmen, is expected shortly.
        Excitement, as well as nervousness, is the cause of her shaking.
        6. there / here 之后的动词单数/复数,需和动词之后的名词保持一致性
        There are four hurdles to jump.
        There is a high hurdle to jump.
        Here are the keys.
        7. distances, periods of time, sums of money等同于一个可数名词
        Three miles is too far to walk.
        Five years is the maximum sentence for that offense.
        Ten dollars is a high price to pay.
        Ten dollars were scattered on the floor. (请思考为什么)
        8. majority of / some of / all of 之后的名词单复数,决定动词的单复数
        A lot of the pies have disappeared.
        A third of the city is unemployed.
        A third of the people are unemployed.
        All of the pie is gone.
        9. group/family/jury/audience/population 等之后的动词单复数,需和单词实际语义保持一致性
        All of my family has/have arrived.
        Most of the jury is/are here.
        A third of the population was/were not in favor of the bill.
        10. 虚拟语气中,用were替代was,表示一种愿望或与事实相反。
        If Joe were here, you would be sorry.
        I wish it were Friday.
        She requested that he raise his hand.

        Meeloun小编相信,以上十点,在任何一本语法书里,你都能找到它们。在这十个主语和谓语的一致性中,经常性会被用在自己的essay里(虚拟语气除外)。当你忙着分析图表的逻辑主线时,匆忙之间难免犯错。以上这十条原则,希望你可以牢牢记住。需要International Relations作业代写的同学可以联系我们的客服哦!


        1、The title and structure。无论这篇essay是不是属于命题写作,建议学生们在动笔前一定要先弄清楚自己写作的主题和目的是什么。有些学生们在写作开题前不能够确定自己的标题,这点并不重要,但是一定要根据自己选择的研究领域提出几个在论文中需要解答的问题,并思考一下自己该如围绕这些问题进行解答。
        留学生essay写作中基本写作结构由Abstract, Introduction, Method, Data Analysis, Conclusion, Discussion 等组成,其各部分顺序可能会根据自己所选学科、研究方法等不同出现变化,但是基本结构大概如此。在开题时要明确一下每个章节下面的二级标题,如果有必要也可以进行三级和司机标题或者结构的确定,这样就构成了基本的写作大纲。刚才所列几个基本写作结构就是所谓的一级结构,其中,Abstract主要是做为权威摘要,提出自己观点和信息,字数大约控制在300字左右;在Introduction不分,要对论文研究背景和结构进行简单介绍;Method主要是用来阐述研究方法;Data Analysis部分可以罗列一些自己收集的数据,并作出简单分析和介绍,为下文作出铺垫。Conclusion和Discussion的顺序可以进行调换,具体可以根据需求来进行。在这部分最后要加入对于本文研究的反思和展望。
        2、Research method。对于研究方法形式有很多,比如Literature Review 和 Experimental。在研究方法上一般不需要花费大量文字进行研究和分析。研究方法选择上一般要根据自己需求来选择,根据自己所选课题和自己擅长的写作技巧来进行,这里就不再一一列举了。
        3、Layout and reference formats。在国外一些学校对于论文字体、行距等有一定要求外,留学生essay论文排版是否规范与文献引用格式有一定关系,引用格式则会受到国家、学科扥个方面的影响。英语国家中一般比较常见的引用格式有Harvard 、APA 和 MLA 等,在写作中可以使用 Google Scholar, Endnote 等学术工具,这些Academic tool都可以自动生成自己想要的格式,不过生成的格式可能也与导师的要求有一些区别,可以自行进行简单调整。
        5、Submission and recruitment。论文发表如果被录用就会被视为是学术研究成果,所以在研究和写作能力达到一定水平时候,可以考虑进行投稿,这也是证明个人学术能力的一种表现。对于提高自己写作能力有帮助,而且也可以为自己留学生生涯增添光彩。

Expository essay范文就该这么写

        看多了关于相关的essay写作方法,今天meeloun小编以范文的形式阐述手机目前存在的威胁。这些威胁包括对你的个人数据及钱财,而这些资料都涵括在你的手机等设备里。内容主要阐释这些威胁并就如何防止个人数据被盗及如何避免钱财损失方面给予建议。下面就是expository essay范文,本文以解读expository essay范文的方式让同学们更加了解相关的写作步骤。

expository essay范文

        In my expository essay I expose the threats that currently exist with regards to your mobile device. These threats are aimed to include threats to your personal data and how much money you have, and they all involve your mobile device and/or mobile phone. In my expository essay I expose these threats and give some advice on how to avoid having your data stolen and how to avoid losing your money
        “应用程序内部订阅”对你的钱财构成威胁—“In-App” purchases are a threat to your money
        Some apps and games allow you the ability to buy within the application itself. They are called credits or points and are known as “in-app” purchases. They are done without going through the traditional ordering process. There is a risk of spending money without being fully aware of how much. Children often make purchases when they are playing with their Smartphone. You may lose more money than you expect if you make in-app purchases. Disable “in-app” purchases on your phone. Turn on the auto-purchase function only for apps you know you are not going to overspend on.
        只在官方程序市场购买应用—Only buy apps from official app stores
        Only buy and install apps that come from official app stores. These are apps that are checked prior to being loaded. Plus, if customers complain the apps are removed from the App Store.
        Malware and viruses may take your money and steal your personal information. Buy from app stores where only safe apps are provided. If you buy from third-party websites, then there is a chance the apps are infected with malware or viruses. These programs may infect mobile phone and steal their data. They communicate silently and without your authority or and send chargeable SMS messages to premium rate numbers, which costs you money.
        留心免费应用—Watch out for free apps.
        Be especially careful with free apps and associated advertising links. Many free apps are financed by advertisements. They often have ways of extracting your information and many times make it easy for you to place an order or offer information without being fully aware of it.
        In addition to the reputable advertising offers, there may also be cases in which hidden orders are written via adverts you click. There may be plenty of legitimate adverts, but it is the dangerous and illegal adverts you have to watch out for. Before you buy your apps, ask yourself if you really need it or really want to try it. Read reviews of the apps you want before you buy them and do not install Apps that are poorly rated, even if they are featured on a well-known app marketplace.
        个人信息无意间被传送—Unnoticed transfer of personal data
        Studies show that many apps transmit sensitive data about users. For example, an app may transmit your location data, your social media profiles and even your bank details. The sad part is that many of the apps will get you to agree to this first without you knowing, which is why they are so dangerous with regards to your personal details and your money.
        关闭自动更新—Turn off Automatic Updates.
        If you use a data plan with limited data volume, be aware that apps consume your Internet data. You can turn the“Automatic Updates”off and only allow updates when you have enough data or when you use a Smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection.
        I have found that there are a lot of threats to mobile phones (cell phones), there are lots of threats to the amount of money you have and to the safety of your money and your personal data. In my essay I feel I fully exposed the biggest threats and feel that I gave very effective advice so that people may avoid over spending, avoid viruses, malware and avoid having their money and personal data/details stolen.

        Meeloun小编以这样的方式解读expository essay范文会不会对同学们有所帮助呢?写一篇expository essay并不难,难的是把它写好,这需要同学们平时的练习,相信同学们以后都能写出优秀的expository essay范文!美伦现旗下写手超过400名,海龟硕博占据50%以上,更多写手资源正在火热招募中。美伦以质量为根本,诚信服务,严格执行双重审稿与检测,保证每一篇稿子都是精心原创并符合学科的需求,保障了留学生论文作业的通过率。



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        后面同学们就需要注意了解论证这个题目没有人研究过,而且没有人正在研究。如果有人正在研究了,研究他的下一步工作(future work),如果找不到这样的方向,那么则需要重新考虑选题方向了。